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Should you give up Soda?

Should you give up Soda?

Soda is a delicious treat for some, however, many people drink soda on a consistent basis. Most individuals don’t just stop with one! Some people may drink soda throughout the day to alleviate stress or to stay more alert. Drinking soda in this manner is highly likely to damage your teeth.

So, why does soda taste so good? For starters, the sugar content in soda activates the reward center of the brain. This can explain why we reach for other sugary substances, like donuts instead of broccoli, as a treat.  The carbonation in soda is also appealing to many people. The carbonation provides a sense of refreshment you can’t receive from uncarbonated drinks.

However, you may want to learn more about why drinking is so bad for your teeth and reconsider your soda drinking habit!

Protecting Your Pearly Whites

Habits can be difficult to break, but following the same destructive routine can be even more painful. This is the case when we drink soda on a regular basis. We may feel like drinking soda is an important part of our routine, but it’s certainly damaging our health in the long run.

For soda lovers, this news can be disheartening. Of course, most of us realize that water or tea is better for our overall health. However, we may not consider the effects soda can have on our dental hygiene.

Sorry, diet soda drinkers!  You’re at risk as well. Diet soda may appear like the better choice for your waistline, but it still adversely affects your dental hygiene.

Here are some reasons you may want to stop your soda habit-

Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda 

Regular soda contains two acidic producing substances. The first is sugar and the second is carbonation.

Sugar in your mouth promotes the growth of bacteria. Bacteria feed off this sugar and can produce acid, which affects your tooth enamel. As this enamel wears down, your teeth become more susceptible to tooth decay, cavities, and other dental problems.

The carbonation in soda is also acidic. So, when you drink soda your teeth are vulnerable to two separate acid attacks. These so called “acid attacks” can last for up to 20 minutes after you drink a soda.

Although diet sodas don’t contain regular sugar, they still contain acid from the carbonation.


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Had my first visit to Dr. Mullaney’s office this month since the pandemic and the experience was gold standard. The safety processes and clean office environment were impeccable. Dr. Mullaney and staff were, as usual, amazing. Every step was explained, the protective garments worn by staff were the best I have experienced. It was a safe and positive visit and I recommend making an appointment!!

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Dr. Mullaney and her staff are absolutely wonderful. They are very professional, personable and greet you by name when you walk in the door. Dr. Mullaney is very talented and really has perfected her craft. Even with a last-minute treatment change, she is unwavering in performing the highest quality treatment available. I am extremely grateful to you all for making my visit pleasant and even fun!