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Is Stress Causing You Dental Problems?

Is Stress Causing You Dental Problems?

Can stress really cause dental problems? The answer is yes. In addition to that stress-induced headache, you may also end up experiencing tooth or gum discomfort.

Various studies have shown that there is a strong link between stress and poor oral health. People with greater stress reported having worse oral health issues which can be aggravated by other factors. If you are under immense pressure and are constantly dealing with being stressed out, experts suggest that you closely monitor your oral health.

Oral Health Problems Due to Stress

Understanding how stress affects your teeth and gums will allow you to find treatment for your condition. Below are some of the oral health issues and stress symptoms that you may encounter:

1.Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is the urge to clench and grind the teeth unconsciously, especially at night while you sleep. Stress can worsen teeth grinding and can lead to worse oral health issues including temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, which can wear down teeth and cause jaw pain.

2.Canker Sores

Canker sores are a common symptom of stress. Canker or mouth sores are characterized by a grayish or white base with red borders. You can have a single sore or multiple sores at once. They can be irritating and painful, making it difficult to eat, drink, and even talk.
Experts believe that canker sores are brought about due to problems in your immune system. People who are under a great deal of stress have reduced immunity, making them more prone to developing canker sores.

3.Cold Sores

Cold sores are also referred to as fever blisters caused by the herpes simplex virus. The blisters are filled with fluid and typically show up on or around the lips, under the nose, and around the chin. Stress can trigger a breakout.

4.Gum Disease

Stress can affect your immune system which makes it difficult for the body to fight off infections. Without regular dental checkups, gum disease typically goes undetected until its late stages. It can cause bleeding, bad breath, and tooth loss.

5.Burning Mouth

Burning mouth syndrome is a hot and burning feeling in the mouth often experienced when one is stressed, anxious, or depressed. Some older women experience burning mouth due to the fluctuating hormones brought about by menopause. For many, this can also be caused by stress-related smoking and drinking.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms let us know at your next dental visit and let’s talk about ways we can help you!

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