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Foods your mouth loves!

Foods your mouth loves!

  • Calcium: Calcium helps to build strong bones, and since your teeth are made of the same substance as bones, they also need calcium to stand up to the food you eat. Dairy products such as milkyogurt, and cheese are loaded with calcium. Hard cheeses in particular are great for your teeth because they also counteract acidic foods and help to protect your teeth’s enamel. Leafy greens such as kalebok choy, and Brussel sprouts are also good sources of calcium.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is crucial for healthy gums, which in turn are crucial for healthy teeth. Your gums keep your teeth firmly rooted and provide the support necessary to keep your teeth alive and happy. Sweet potatoes and peppers are both a solid source of vitamin C, as well as citrus fruits. However, fruits are also acidic foods, so eating too many of them can soften the enamel on your teeth.
  • Vitamin D: Your mouth needs vitamin D in order to absorb calcium, which is crucial to a healthy smile. The best foods for vitamin D are egg yolksmushrooms, and fish. However, if you spend enough time in the sun on a daily basis, your body will naturally produce this essential vitamin.
  • Crunchy Food: Crunch fruits and vegetables are great for your teeth because they scrub while you chew. They can remove plaque-causing bacteria, as well as jump-start saliva production which washes bacteria away. Celerycarrotsapples, and pears are all good examples of crunch food that helps keep your teeth healthy.

Deal of the Day

* Includes necessary X-rays, Velscope Oral Cancer Screening and periodontal examination
(New Patients Only, excludes cleaning. Not billable to insurance)

Trusted in the Community

Had my first visit to Dr. Mullaney’s office this month since the pandemic and the experience was gold standard. The safety processes and clean office environment were impeccable. Dr. Mullaney and staff were, as usual, amazing. Every step was explained, the protective garments worn by staff were the best I have experienced. It was a safe and positive visit and I recommend making an appointment!!

I am a new patient. After my first dentist appointment with Dr. Mullaney, I left feeling very informed and in control of ultimately making decisions about the care and treatment I receive. The staff is incredibly kind and knowledgeable. I love that they participate in helping veterans through The Freedom Day USA program. They are committed to providing a very clean and friendly atmosphere. In addition this practice goes out of its way to bring comfort and the latest in dentistry to all their patients.

I never thought that a person could enjoy going to the dentist until I started seeing Dr. Mullaney. Her attractive and serene office and Dr. Mullaney and her competent and friendly staff make every visit a pleasure. They have a gift for making each experience smooth and efficient, with meticulous attention to the patient’s needs and comfort. On a scale of 1 to 10 this practice is a 15!

Dr. Mullaney and her staff are absolutely wonderful. They are very professional, personable and greet you by name when you walk in the door. Dr. Mullaney is very talented and really has perfected her craft. Even with a last-minute treatment change, she is unwavering in performing the highest quality treatment available. I am extremely grateful to you all for making my visit pleasant and even fun!